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If you are planning to start a business, solid legal advice from the beginning may save you
money, time and headaches. From the beginning, you want to establish your business in
compliance with local and state laws. In addition, if you have partners or investors, it will be
important to have all such relationships detailed in a partnership or operating agreement.
There are many different forms in which to operate a business, and not all forms may be
appropriate to your plan. In addition, the different business models offer different tax
structures as well, so it is always important to involve your tax planning professional in any
business plan. Should you wish to start a business, we can help you, not only by providing
the creation and registration of the new business, but also by careful legal drafting of the
business agreements and documents.
Every business in the State of Florida is required to have a registered agent, who is the
designated person/entity to accept legal process on behalf of the business. McNamara McNamara can provide you with registered agent services.
Once your business is going, you may have need to secure collections against those who
have not paid for goods/services, or who have not performed their contractual obligations.
In such case, you may need to file a lawsuit to get compliance. Under Florida law, a
corporation must be represented by an attorney in all court proceedings (except small claims).
Our attorneys are experienced litigators, who have handled a variety of business lawsuits,
from construction matters to simple collections. Should you have a need to compel another
business or person to pay your invoices, or perform their terms of a contract, do not hesitate
secure legal representation.
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