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If you are buying or selling a home or other real estate, we can offer you assistance in
contract review and drafting, along with guiding you through the process of your
transaction. Although the standard FAR/BAR contract is used by most realtors/brokers,
the FAR/BAR must still be completed correctly, or problems may arise. If your transaction
involves release of particular liens or debt, such as a short sale arrangement, having an
effective legal review of the documents involved may prevent many future problems.
Although we no longer issue title insurance policies, our extensive experience in writing title insurance and conducting all aspects of real estate closings provide us with the knowledge required to be an advocate for you.
There are times when parties to a transaction do not agree on some aspect of the contract and
a lawsuit is commenced or contemplated. Whether you need legal representation to secure
performance of a contract obligation, or defense of a lawsuit against you, or other real
property litigation, we can assist you. We are experienced in landlord and tenant matters,
and have significant experience litigating against condominium and home owner associations.
If you own real estate and someone is living there, who is not a tenant, such as a boyfriend
or girlfriend who has moved in, or another person living there under some other arrangement
that is not a landlord and tenant matter, you may need different legal proceedings to have
that person removed from your property. This is an ejectment action, and is specifically
designed to be a case to remove someone from your property. Keep in mind that this is a
much slower procedure than the eviction process, so it is preferable to have any person
residing in your property sign a lease. This will ensure that obligations are assigned in writing
and that you have adequate protections as well.
Since real estate matters are so varied, and so dependent on details and facts, it is impossible to provide general advice which
applies to all cases. For that reason, we recommend that you get competent legal advice on your real estate matter, especially
before you sign any contracts.